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Barcode recognition demo

Posted on : 06-10-2009 | By : Ivan Dyukov | In : Demo


I would like to represent an executable demo  which was described at  http://www.computer-vision-software.com/blog/2009/07/barcode-recognition/.

This is demo application for Rhonda barcode recognition library. It’s cross-platform library written on C++ language. It was tested on ARM Cortex-A8, ARM11 and x86 platforms.

Average recognition time on 640×480 frames:

P4 – 3GHz:  25ms

Program description:

main window:


Supported barcode’s types: EAN13, UPCA

Recommended PC
Processor: Intel P4
Memory: 1GB RAM
Operating system: Windows XP SP3
Minimal screen resolution for Barcode Demo is 1024*768

Recommended camera
Barcode Demo works with any standard USB camera.
Web cam must support 640×480 and 960×720 resolutions and focus range should start  from 5 cm (2 inch).
If you do not already have a camera, we recommend that you purchase the Logitec QuickCam PRO 9000 or the Logitec QuickCam Sphere AF

Attach camera to PC and then run “rhonda_barcode_demo.exe”  .

Demo application supports 2 modes: 640×480 and 960×720 resolutions.

Recomended distance from camera to barcode:
5-11 cm (2-4 inch)  for 640×480 mode
5-20 cm (2-8 inch)  for 960×720 mode

Each frame is scanned in 8 directions.  Time of processing of each frame and  each direction are printed to a console window.


For better recognition, use manual focus of your camera.

Press link below to download the demo:

Download Rhonda Barcode Demo (Windows version)
14139 Downloads Since 2009-09-28

Comments (6)

I always am interested in barcode recoginition technology, especially put it to iPhone.

Do you support 2D bar code such as QR now ?

Is this project open source now ?

Welcome further communication : forrest.shi gmail com
with skype : forrest.shi


Hi Forrest,

We added 2D barcode (most popular) to our roadmap but we don’t support it yet.

This is not an open source project.

I have forwarded your comment to our marketing team.


Nice project, would be interested if you also provide the source code. I mean how can we use the result printed from the program for our own cause? Thanks

Hi AD,

I am sorry, but we are not providing source code with the demo.


It’s a pitty that there’s no source code.

I don’t successed to play this demo with windows 7, the screen is always black, seems that the demo doesn’t recognize the webcam! instead with windows xp it play well! don’t it run with windows 7?

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