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Object detection (barcode)

Posted on : 28-04-2009 | By : Aleksey Kodubets | In : Demo, Demo video, Demo videos, YouTube




Here is a demo of the jerry-built algorithm that finds barcode plates using Hough transform. Actually the video is mostly speaking for itself. Two points to comment:

  • The frames of barcodes are a bit long, since with given approach there is distinct difficulty in precise identification of barcode beginning and ending, so borders where widened to not miss the useful part, which is not really critical since extracted region of interest is still quite small.
  • The task was to detect only one barcode, so when there are several of them in the camera sight, CV system selects the best one (those with the most distinct lines). Since conditions of lighting and sharpness are always floating in video, system jumps from one barcode to another.