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Cross-platform solution for getting MJPEG stream from AXIS ip-camera (AXIS 211M)

Posted on : 29-08-2009 | By : Andrew Chen | In : OpenCV


This paper describes how-to get MJPEG stream from AXIS ip-camera in your C++ application. My approach is a cross-platform solution and much better than solution from http://www.computer-vision-software.com/blog/2009/04/how-to-get-mjpeg-stream-from-axis-ip-cameras-axis-211m-and-axis-214-ptz-as-camera-device-in-opencv-using-directshow/.

Getting MJPEG stream from Axis Ip-camera (Axis 211M and Axis 214 PTZ) as a camera device in OpenCV with DirectShow

Posted on : 09-04-2009 | By : Aleksey Kodubets | In : OpenCV


By default OpenCV 1.1 don’t support AXIS ip-cameras. So, this paper describes approach for getting camera interface (cvCaptureFromCAM) from OpenCV when you are using an Axis Ip camera.