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Tracking people with a moving PTZ camera

Posted on : 01-06-2009 | By : Aleksey Kodubets | In : Demo, Demo video, PTZ, YouTube




On this demo CV system tracks moving people using single PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) camera (AXIS 214) and tries to positioning it to always keep first entered person in the camera sight. When PTZ stops in new position, the system filters out still objects from those that actually moving, assigns unique IDs (and color frames) to them and measures proximity of these objects to the original one using color-histogram-based algorithm. The object with highest proximity will be treated as a target. System will turn camera in the direction where targeting object moves, when it is approach to the border of camera sight (the red rectangle on the border indicates direction of next movement of PTZ cam).

Taking snapshots with a moving PTZ camera

Posted on : 18-04-2009 | By : Aleksey Kodubets | In : Demo, Demo video, Demo videos, PTZ, YouTube




This demo video demonstrates ability of CV system to take snapshots of several moving people by means of two digital cameras: static (QuickCam Pro 9000) and moving (AXIS 214) PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom). CV system tracks moving people (using color-histogram-based tracker) on the video taken by the static camera and targeting PTZ cam to one of people, negotiating the number of already captured snapshots per person and distance to peoples on scene. Since PTZ cam positioning takes some time, the predicting algorithm is used to forecast future position of the person, which allows targeting PTZ cam more accurately.