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People counting with top-mounted camera

Posted on : 03-03-2010 | By : rhondasw | In : Demo, Demo video, Demo videos, YouTube



Marketing researches are area where required to analyze a lot of data. E.g. we want to understand how many people are visiting a bank. In order to count this value, we need to count each man or woman which are entering to or exiting from the bank. For resolving this task there are a lot of approaches: e.g. use special gate with laser or mechanical counter. Though there are people counting tasks where such approaches cannot work or too unuseful. E.g. barrier cannot be used where people flow is very high, and laser counters have limitations as well.

Opposite the approaches above, we found papers where top-mounted camera is used for resolving the people counting task.

 The fact is that most of organization have own IP or CCTV camera based security infrastructure. And also often there is a camera which is already top-mounted. Thus top-mounted camera counting approach is looked very perspective from reusing infrastructure point of view.

We researched a lot of approaches. There are a lot of ready methods for people counting with top-mounted camera. But such methods either are patented or don’t meet our expectation in quality or speed. Thus we developed own method (see demo video).

Method counts human each time they cross a predefined counting line (that is why it is often called as “line-crossing”). The assumption is that the line should be selected orthogonally to the main people flow.

Now we skip implementation details of the method. If shortly, our method is a real time 15 fps+, we tested it usual USB or IP cameras. We tested our method in indoor and outdoor use-case and the quality is 80-90% (dependent on environment condition).

Our method can be used in other applications, e.g. vehicle counting, you could look at the video how it works. Have a nice watching…

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This project, as well as the others seem to be very impressive. Congratulations for you great job!
I have a challenge for you: develop an autonomous cellbot with arduino and android that is able to detect roads with the embedded cell camera.

Hi Pau,

Thank you for your suggestion. I have forwarded it to our marketing team.


I’m very impressed with the result of the demo here. Is there any chance you could explain how is this accomplished? I’m interested in implementing this solution at at an event I’m organizing.


Do you created this using OpenCv ?
Is it opensource ?

Hi Rodrigo, some OpenCV functions are used in parts of this method, but there are also proprietary parts, so it is not open source.

Please try the Code for counting the no.of people passing through a corridor.

Where can i find this solution? Where can i find a contact number, email? I need this!

required software

required people counting software through ip camera

Hi, I am a student studying Machine Learning in National University of Singapore. I wanted have this kind of application incorporated in my project. It would be very much helpful for me if you could please share little bit of algorithmic details and code snippet if possible. Thanks a lot

hi Jahan
also i student studying Electronic and Information ENG in china if u have this code would u like to send me. my email aalshariif8@yahoo.com
thnks bro


I would like to know more about using IP camera to count foot traffic in a doorway up to 5 meters wide.

I would appreciate any help



i am interested in your applicaton and currently i am doing my FYP about using computer vision to count human traffic. do let me know how to contact you.

Hi i am interested in you application!
Is it possible to buy it? and to buy the code?
Could you please contact me ASAP?
Thank you


We developed software on openCV on Ubuntu, so we would like to get in touch with you to share experience. You can contact us on support@procudo.hr


I’m a student majoring in computer science engineering.

I have some problem with my graduation project.

I have to make CCTV using raspberrypi2-picamera and counting people.

It is so difficult counting people using camera. So I really need people counter by opencv tool

Can you send source code to me? my email is ‘akak0328@gmail.com’

It will help my project well.

Plz resonde me back.

[Sorry for my english…..]

thank you for reading

Excuse me, May I ask you the name of your method?

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